• Zenian Creamed Coconut (500ml)

Zenian Creamed Coconut (500ml)

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Creamed coconut aka coconut butter is a widely used ingredient for many Asian dishes.  If you are doing Paleo, Weston A Price, low carb or alternative diets, creamed coconut is one key ingredient you will want to use every day.

Traditionally this is used in curries, or in other Indian, Thai or Caribbean cooking. It's like a concentrated form of coconut cream.


  • can be diluted with hot water to make a coconut cream substitute (especially useful if you only want a small amount and don't want to open a whole tin)
  •  temper the heat of curries
  • add good fats to soups
  • thicken soups, stews or casseroles
  • add tropical flavour to many dishes
  • blend into smoothies
  • include in the batter for baked goods
  • use in any recipe that calls for coconut butter (which is very similar, just a little lower in fibre)
  • makes fantastic sugar free sweet treats like fudge, chocolate and healthy snack bars
  • suitable for low carb diets (1.22 grams net carbs per 15 gram serving)

Its great for older people who have impaired digestive functions.  They may not want to eat large quantities of food.  But will still need enough to keep their energy levels up and maintain warmth.

I mix my creamed coconut with around 20% more coconut oil.  Doing this improves the workability of the the product – more spreadable for example.

Where is it produced: Sri Lanka

How is it produced: This is ground up full fat coconut meat, and dehydrated to 1.6% moisture content.Organic Certifications: Control Union

Side note: Add 2-3 good dsps of creamed coconut to a cup of hot water to rehydrate back to coconut cream.  Make healthy seductive dishes from this culinary wonder from Asia – wicked white chocolate – luscious date truffles – sizzling curries – fabulous fish dishes. A real treat for low carbers, GAPS’ diet, gluten intolerant people.  You’ll be challenged to put the top back on the jar once opened.

Important mixing instructions for creamed coconut:

The creamed coconut will have separated out into 2 layers when you receive it. A top layer of coconut oil and a bottom layer of coconut solids. These need to recombined before use. The jar should be tempered with warm to hottish water to start with to prevent cracking of the jar through thermal shock.
Then simply place the jar in a pot of hot water to soften slightly. Then open the jar and either cut and blend well with sharp knife or scrape the contents into a food processor. Turn on until the contents are well blended. Then use in your favourite recipes

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