FAQ - WAPF Baby Formula

We have had enquiries about availability of the ingredients needed for Sally Fallon's milk based baby formula. We stock:

At this stage, we're not stocking most of the others, but we can tell you where to get them.The recipe is available online at the Weston A Price foundation website or click here to download a pdf document with recipes and FAQ about feeding babies.

Acerola powder

Lifetsream natural vitamin C is made from acerola. Amla berries an camu camu are also suitable substitutes. We have natural vitamin C from amla berries, in Phyto C capsules from Biotrace.

Bifidobacterium infantis

Commonsense Organics in Wellington can source Natren Life Start powder for you. So your local health food shop should be able to do the same. If they can't, it's available online from www.probiotics.co.nz

We are also stocking a new product from Biokult - BioKult Infantis. This has Bifidobacterium infantis in it, and other bacteria that are beneficial for infants.


You might be able to find it in a home brew store. or email us for availability.

Sunflower oil

Your local health food shop should be able to supply an organic, cold pressed oil. or email us for availability.


Email us if there is anything else you're having trouble sourcing.