• Zenian Coconut Oil (500ml, Philippines)

Zenian Coconut Oil (500ml, Philippines)

  • Brand: Zenian
  • Product Code: COzP500
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $18.00

This is a premium quality, organic, virgin coconut oil. It comes from the Philippines, and is extracted with utmost care using state of the art equipment. This is a smooth oil with a mild coconut flavour.

We like this oil for a variety of uses including cooking, on your skin, oil pulling, snack bars, or eating straight off the spoon.

Note: We haven't been able to sell enough of this product to keep stocking it, as there are other brands available in a lot of health shops. But we still stand by this product, and are leaving it on our website, so we can point you to where you can buy it, if you can't find an organic coconut oil locally. You can buy direct from the Zenian website at https://zenian.co.nz/coconut-health-products

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