FAQ - Remineralising Teeth & Dental Health

We often get enquiries about how to remineralise teeth.

First, go to the website of Ramiel Nagel, author of “Cure Tooth Decay”, which will give you enough information to get started. But if you need serious help, it would be well worth getting his book.

To give a very brief summary, tooth decay isn't caused by sugar coating our teeth, but rather by imbalances in our body chemistry.

So to heal tooth decay, some of the basic requirements are:

  • A nutrient dense, whole foods, Weston A Price type diet, including:
    • Bone broths & marrow
    • Cod liver oil
    • Butter oil, or lots of good butter
    • Good quality animal foods, including some raw
    • Fermented foods
  • Some people need further specific help to normalise their hormones and body chemistry
  • A fluoride free, glycerine free tooth cleaner

The last one is important because glycerine coats your teeth, so that they can't remineralise. Unfortunately, virtually all toothpastes contain glycerine. Other alternatives such as tooth powder are hard to find in NZ. Baking soda is another option.

But for your ease and convenience, we have managed to find some toothpastes that don't contain glycerine (on our Oral Care page).

Other things that may help include oil pulling, and supplementing with a specially designed oral probiotic.

For more information, see our WAPF chapter page on Dental Health