• The Silver Solution - Colloidal Silver (500ml)

The Silver Solution - Colloidal Silver (500ml)

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This is a quality silver solution made by a NZ company. The Silver Solution provides 99.99% pure silver, used to help the body cope with winter ills and chills and support the body's natural immunity.

While the benefits of Colloidal Silver were already well established, it was rediscovered by scientists looking for an effective way to support the immune system. So an electrical method of turning pure elemental silver into a healthy drinkable form was created. Since then Colloidal silver has been used successfully as a natural immune support for over 30 years and has an expansive consumer following worldwide.

Scientific Studies: The results people experienced with colloidal silver attracted the attention of leading scientists and medical researchers throughout the world. As a result, numerous research papers have been published in scientific and medical journals on the health benefits of the silver colloid.

Who should take The Silver Solution? Anyone that is struggling with their health. People looking for natural support of immunity and immune defenses. Those wanting to help the body cope with winter ills and chills and with the immune defenses in the eyes, nose and mouth.

Suitable for the whole family: The Silver Solution is a gentle, easy-to-drink, high-quality dietary supplement. It has an excellent safety profile when used as directed. Not known to interfere with any medication, or to cause any side effects.

Special directions: For best results take colloidal silver straight without mixing with juice or other additives.

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight, store at room temperature, away from magnetic or electrical fields.

Formulation: Easy to drink, crystal clear liquid (slight taste).

Ingredients: Ultra Purified water approx. 0.1 Micro-semeins; which equates to approx. 3 times double-distilled water. No other additives or preservatives.