Xmas Menu & Recipe Ideas

Most of these recipes are from Deb's DietNet website or her recipe blog, but some are from other people's blogs and we may not have tested them.

I may post new ideas to my recipe blog or my Pinterest Festive recipes board, even if I don't have time to try them out or post them here, so check in periodically.

Mostly these recipes are suitable for GAPS, SCD, gluten free and in many cases dairy free diets (but do your own due diligence). But we believe that "special" food should taste good, so family members not on special diets might not even notice they're different. Make sure you test the recipe before Xmas Day, so you can tweak to suit your own tastes.

Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) - Some of these recipes might work for you, but better to check out The Paleo Mom's Holiday Recipe summary.

Keto - Mostly the recipes below are not keto, but I found two keto Xmas selections for you - 22 recipes for a very keto Xmas and Fat for weight loss's keto Xmas

Choose 2-3 from each group and you've got a feast!


If your main meal is at lunchtime, you'll want something light, but still sustaining, such as:

If your main Christmas meal is in the evening, you may want a more substantial breakfast, so you're not as tempted by the "treats" your family and friends lay out in front of you.

  • I like smoked salmon WITH cheesy scrambled eggs, or pancakes and sour / fermented cream PLUS fruit salad and yoghurt / cream
  • This Apple Bacon Pecan Butternut hash looks interesting and is GAPS friendly



  • Stuffed leg of lamb (In Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, P344). This has a pecan stuffing and no starch, so is suitable for GAPS.
  • Roast turkey with millet and cranberry stuffing (gluten free, but not GAPS).
  • For GAPsters, or if you can't be faffed making stuffing, make cranberry sauce instead.
  • Curried chicken or turkey salad

If you're catering for a lacto-ovo vegetarian, these dishes are delicious and everybody else will like them too:


  • For the GAPsters - Twice baked pumpkin
  • For the non-GAPsters - roast potatoes or kumera, or potato / kumera salad.
  • This recipe for Roasted Citrus Thyme Carrots looks lovely - especially if you have access to heritage carrots
  • Raw vege platter - chunks of cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, grated carrot, fresh green pea pods. Serve with a bowl of homemade mayo.
  • Sauerkraut salad



For kids / non-drinkers:

  • Punch made from organic fruit juice and sparkling water. Optional: add some kombucha.
  • A splash of kombucha topped up with sparkling or soda water is very refreshing
  • Or try some coconut water with sparkling water added, or turned into kefir.
  • Herb teas make nice iced teas, and can also be topped up with sparkling water.
  • Water kefir (not suitable for GAPS)

For the adults: